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Bespoke weddings in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Soirée is a design boutique and planning agency
specialized in bespoke events on the Amalfi Coast

We provide services for the design and the planning of destination weddings, wedding proposals, elopements, glamor celebrations, corporate events, exclusive vacations and honeymoons, as well as styling, branding and floral services for photographers and companies.
Our style is refined, poetic and Mediterranean, inspired by the Greek-Roman classical art.
We love to incorporate precious wedding elements in an elegant and delicate way to evoke unique and lasting emotional sensations. Each event is inspired by the couple's personality, made to measure and set in prestigious locations with breathtaking sceneries.
Our Fine Art aesthetic allow us to create timeless experiences that give voice to authentic moments of joy and sharing: our clients and their story are the true focal point of their special day. Our attention to the detail gives clients and families the opportunity to enjoy not only their once-in-lifetime wedding experience, but the entire planning and design process.

fine art timeless planning service

Monica is the girl behind the business and the founder of Amalfi Soirée.
Depending on the type and size of the event,
Monica surrounds herself with one or more capable and competent assistants for the masterful management of the day.
Needless to say, her favorite assistant is Ferdinando, her life partner.
Monica and Ferdinando are a close-knit and passionate team that loves good food and TV series.
While Monica is the creative part of the couple,
Ferdinando works on the more technical and practical aspects when the event requires 2 additional hands.

founder planner

Founder | Planner | Designer | Advertising Engineer

Monica Naclerio is the heart behind Amalfi Soirée and is internationally accredited Event Planner and Designer.
Authenticity and consistency are her key principles: that's why she loves focusing on the true vision of the couple, and coming it to life through her timeless designs and an attentive planning. Being lover of nature and classical art, her signature aesthetics is delicate, romantic and sophisticated, with an atmosphere of having been lived.
Monica fills her days reading any kind of book, listening Classic music and photographing landscapes.

wedding logistics ferdinando

Development | Logistics | Special Project Management

Although he's present only when the complexity of an event requires an additional planner, with an computer engineering background and strong business skills Ferdinando is Monica's right hand in terms of financial management.
Ferdinando offers support with the bureaucracy and business side, oversees the relationship with the vendors, coordinates the travel plans, and takes care of logistics.
He masterfully realizes our most impressive event installations and works tirelessly for producing the day of dreams of many lovely couples. Ferdinando is also a photographer.

I like to imagine Amalfi Soiree like a place of peace and inspiration
where the dreams of sophisticated couples come true.
Each event is something magical, unforgettable and unrepeatable
that consolidates great love stories.

We use a limited circle of selected suppliers, all established and passionate professionals, whose aesthetics and level of service are in line with ours.


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