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Wedding in Capri

Idyllic, charismatic and timeless: it's Capri, the most inspirational place on the Amalfi Coast,
a beautiful dream for all the couples who wants to celebrate their love with an intimate event Italy.

capri wedding

If you are familiar with Southern Italy, then you should have heard of Capri. This legendary island has been featured in many books and films, and has enchanted millions of visitors around the world with its unspeakable beauty.The Mediterranean island is characterized by mysterious and deep inlets, crowned by the famous faraglioni, large and original rocks that outline its iconic profile, and by countless sea caves with suggestive plays of light.
As Capri wedding planners, we have a special consideration for this amazing wedding location, not only because it features some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, but because it makes you in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions.
In Capri you can have a romantic ceremony in one of the many villas with gardens or overlooking the sea, from which you can enjoy the splendid view of the Gulf of Naples and the majestic Vesuvius volcano.This gorgeous town has is a gem radiating a brilliant history through all its different facets.
Its innumerable points of interest allure visitors with their tales of an enchanted past, and some of these can even become the unforgettable frame of your wedding in Amalfi Coast. Beyond the cultural attractions and sea and nature in all their charm, Capri also offers good shopping and great food tied to the island's maritime and peasant traditions for seducing once again the senses of your guests.
If Capri has stolen your heart, we will be more than glad to assist you in planning your big day. Designing Fine Arts events is, for luxury designers like us, not about arrange beautiful setting, but it's about creating your unique story that you will keep with you forever. Whether it's a wedding, an elopement, an engagement or a marriage proposal, if you are in love, Capri is perfect! If you wish to find out more informations about our services as an Amalfi Coast wedding planner and designer, feel free to contact us directly. We can not wait to meet you!


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