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Wedding Venues in Amalfi

Enjoy our selection of wedding venues, private villas, exclusive hotels and panoramic gardens
in the magnificent marine town of Amalfi

Today is picturesque village on the sea in the South Italy, but Amalfi has been a glorious maritime republic that dominated and traded throughout the Mediterranean. The ancient splendor still characterizes in its splendid profile, and makes it a dream destination for many couples in love. Explore its venues, experiences and accommodations

duomo sant'andrea amalfi


The Cathedral of Amalfi or Duomo di Sant'Andrea, named after the patron saint of the city to which it is dedicated and whose relics are preserved there, dates back to the 9th century and is imbued with different architectural styles, from Romanesque to Baroque, with Arab-Byzantine elements. According to a legend, St. Francis of Assisi prayed in this place in 1218.

hotel convento amalfi cappella chiostro san francesco


The Cappella or Chapel of San Francesco is located inside the Hotel Convento di Amalfi, a former convent. It is perfect for Catholic rites and has a late Baroque style. The hotel also has a very suggestive 12th-century cloister for outdoor ceremonies, including the symbolic ones, and several panoramic terraces.

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We collaborate with many hotels, restaurants, villas, bed and breakfasts, palaces, as well as with florists, musicians and other vendors based in Amalfi. Contact us for your event and we will be glad to recommend our best partners!


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